Are You Thinking of Becoming a Yoga Instructor

Yoga has changed people's lives by giving increased inner peace, new energy, helping to balance moods, increase compassion and gain new wisdom into one's circumstances. Many people have also found this has been a wonderful career change or supplement to one's existing income.

You can focus on a specific population such as working with the elderly or with kids.

When you take a teacher training course you'll also be studying writing of great yogis and philosophers with their insights on relationships, work and family life. Yoga is now mainstream and many people take it for stress reduction .

We all know that yoga has become popular and has become mainstream now offered in gyms and not just yoga studios. There are lots of benefits of yoga and if you've been thinking of becoming a yoga instructor and giving classes ask yourself the following:

Am I really interested in teaching yoga either privately or in group sessions? If you are looking at it only for the sake of money or popularity that you gain then it is better you consider or rethink your decision. This is ssomething for people's physical, mental and spiritual growth and it is important to remember that.

The next question that you need to ask yourself is: Do I feel a benefit after a class? You should completely evaluate the benefits that you have attained from yoga. If you have successfully lost weight due to yoga, de-stressed yourself because of yoga or seen any other benefit then you can teach it to others and inspire others. Your enthuisasm will be contagious.

Ask yourself whether you're interested in the effects this has on the mind and body and communicating it to others. Your students will be able to learn the benefits that you have exprienced which is so rewarding. Flexibility is important, but having a good heart is the most important characteristic. To help people see that their daily tension is related to the mind's attitude is a big part of yoga. Many people today are also interested in Yoga For Muscle Strengthening

Yoga is a very big subject and there are many different styles in it. To name a few they are: Hatha yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar yoga and Bikram yoga. You will learn about these different schools in your training and probably emphasize one in the tradition which you study. Though the crux and the content of all the styles are similar you will often concentrate in one school based on the program in which you've enrolled.

Hatha yoga- It is a popular style of yoga which is good for both physical as well as mental well-being.
Kundalini Yoga- This style involves the knowledge of various centers called chakras in the human body, there is an emphasis on breath and meditation.
Iyengar yoga- This style of yoga focuses on the precision of the movement and pose. There are props used in the style for example chairs, blankets and so on.
Bikram yoga- This style is very vigorous and the room is heated.

To become a yoga instructor you will learn about asanas (postures), meditation, working with people who have injuries, the chakra system, how to gear classes for kids, anatomy, the role of diet and how to tailor your classes for those with certain health challenges. The yoga salaries can vary depending on whether you are teaching a class or privates.

I took a 10 month training to get my certification in kundalini yoga. I love this form of yoga because it really quieted my mind and stop it from going on and on it's inner dialogue.

I'm a licensed social worker as well as a certified yoga teacher and blend my understanding of both of these areas into each lesson and class.

It is very rewarding when others are helped by these techniques.

If you are looking for a career change and have noticed differences from taking classes, this may be right for you.

You can give both private and group classes after your training in most traditions. Check out the new Yoga Blog for new articles, discussions and inspiration.

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